There are 3 stages in our process:

Consultation > Trial > Monthly Service :

1. Free Consultation

The first step is for us to meet (in person, by phone or online) forĀ a free consultation: using our Client Fact Finder we'll explore what you want for your business and discover who your ideal customers are.


Clients tell us this is useful, as it helps them articulate their business offer, sometimes even seeing new benefits for their customers.


We'll follow up with a written proposal - there's no obligation to continue.


In a hurry? If you're ready to get the ball rolling, please complete our Client Fact Finder now.

2. Low-Cost Trial

If you accept our proposal and we both agree that your goal is achieveable, the next stage is a low-cost trial.


First, we create campaigns on social media that precisely target your ideal customers. Using offers, competitions, or simply positioning you at the top of your field, our campaigns will compel the audience to visit your "Landing Page".


This is a new mini-website specially designed to encourage visitors to make an enquiry. If we film a video with you and your customers, this is where it will be seen.


Finally, we (optionally) include an automated email campaign - when your Landing Page visitors submit their enquiry, they'll receive a sequence of emails, reminding them of your service or special offer.

2a. Video Production? Photography?

We offer an optional professional video shoot, as we believe that personalising your offer and ideally including client testimonials, really helps to gain your potential customer's trust.


We also offer an optional photo shoot - 'real' images of your business are more likely to perform well in your ad campaign than the stock pictures we'll otherwise use.

3. Monthly Service

If you're happy with the results of the trial, we'll progress on a monthly basis - there's no obligation and you can cancel any time.


Our monthly packages include ongoing strategy and brand consultation, more campaigns, further video / photo shoots and full reporting. We also offer daily posting to your social media pages, and an automated Customer Review app.


Prices vary depending on the cost of your advertising and the volume of campaigns you want or need.