Facebook Ads triaL: only £147

Try Facebook Ads for Your Small Business:

Only £147 / $197

14 Day Trial Ad Campaign - Guaranteed

Want to try a professional Facebook ad campaign but don’t have the time, knowledge or resources?

We’ll do it all for you, and if you don’t get an agreed number of leads, we”ll refund our £47 / $60 fee! (£100 / $130 goes straight to Facebook for ad costs).

Simply contact us now to arrange a free consultation, and we’ll advise if Facebook ads could work for you.

If we’re both happy, your trial campaign will be running in days – with no obligation to continue after.

Here’s What You Get:

Facebook Business page

Set up if you don’t have one – yours to keep

Facebook Messenger

Set up with your business page

Facebook Lead Ads campaign

Minimum 10 ads, tested & monitored daily

Exclusive Leads

From your ads, emailed to you immediately

Email Automation

Your leads, automatically emailed up to 3x

Hubspot Account

CRM / database where your leads are stored

Reports & Analysis

Easy-to-read PDF emailed @ 3, 7 & 14 days

Personal Service

We answer questions immediately smile

Optional Extras:

  • Add 14 days @ £97  / $127
  • Photo Shoot : half day @ £247 (Day £350)
  • Video Shoot : half day @ £497 (Day £750)
  • Professional Video Presenter @ £297


is it a limited offer?

Yes – because it is low-cost, we can only work with a limited number of businesses per month, and we want to be sure Facebook advertising is right for them.

Why is it so low cost?

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to any small business trying the power of Facebook Ads – we believe this price point enables anyone to ‘dip their toe in the water’.

To offer the lowest cost for the 14 Day Trial we’ve used our minimum suggested Facebook adspend of £10/day, 5 days/week.

Our hourly rate for project development / management is £50.

To set up a campaign:

  • Facebook business page inc design cover graphic and create Ad account = 1-2hrs
  • Facebook Lead Ads campaign, Minimum 10 ads, client or stock photos = 2-3hrs
  • Email Automation set up, write 3x email campaign = 2.5-3hrs
  • Hubspot Account set up = .5hrs

Total = 6-8hrs = £300-400 > we charge 1hr !

How do we agree the target number of leads for your trial?

We use our Client Factfinder to understand your business and expectations:
  • In it, you tell us what the value of your transactions is and what your target revenue is
  • From that we estimate the cost options of a monthly campaign going forward
  • This enables us to get Facebook’s estimate of the number of clicks > enquiries > conversions you’ll get, from the minimum adspend of £100 in the trial

What Happens After The Trial?

If we’re both happy with the trial results, we invite you to continue on a monthly basis, paid monthly in advance.

Will I be bound by a contract?

We ask you to sign an agreement to be billed monthly in advance, but there is no minimum term, and you can cancel any time.

What will the monthly cost be?

Our basic monthly fee is £397 / $512. Minimum ad spend is usually £10 ($12)/day, 5 days/week. See the next FAQ, below – How Do You Calculate My Facebook Adspend?

How Do You Calculate Monthly Facebook Adspend?

To get Facebook’s suggested monthly adspend we calculate / estimate / agree :

  • the target monthly revenue
  • the average value of your transactions (customers / products / services)
  • the number of transactions required to meet our target
  • the number of enquiries needed to convert to transactions based on your conversion rate
  • the number of clicks required to achieve the volume of enquiries
  • the minimum reach and impressions your ads will need

We also work with you to define your ideal customers’ :

  • Location
  • age
  • job
  • interests
  • language

Given the above information, we arrive at the adspend that Facebook suggests, to achieve the reach / clicks required to result in the number of transactions we’re aiming for.

Alternatively, please email us here

or call (click the numbers):