Mark Slocombe

Mark Slocombe


Hi, I’m Mark Slocombe. I set up CreationMarketer as a small business after 25 years running, a video production and marketing company in Chiswick, London W4.

I’ve produced marketing and awareness videos for 700+ clients, including the BBC, NHS, Rolls Royce – and many smaller businesses.

In recent years, my clients have increasingly wanted to use social media to promote their business, especially to get more enquiries and customers.

So it seemed obvious to create this business to answer that need, with a focus on helping smaller businesses get more customers, and taking a very personal approach. If you choose to work with CreationMarketer, you’ll always get me!

The key values I can bring to your small business are my experience and understanding; clients tell me I help them see their business in a fresh, sometimes surprising, light, which in turn helps them identify their ideal customers.


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas

Digital Marketer / Property Professional

Andrew has been in sales for as long as he can remember and prides himself on always trying to leave each situation better than he finds it. He has a true passion for helping people and actively looks to solve problems, no matter how daunting they may appear. 
He has also been a landlord and property developer for 14 years, having built an efficient portfolio in Liverpool that he manages himself with a small team. 
His expertise in digital marketing grew from promoting his own property business, but has grown organically, and he now works with some large finance houses and property professionals. 
His passion for his work and emphatic approach to always over deliver make him a firm favourite with all of his clients.
‘The best way to escape a problem is to solve it’
Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Growth Hacker / Direct Response Marketer

Chris has spent most of his adult life in the maritime industry as a super-yacht master, cruising blue waters with jet-set clientele.

He is a true people-person; he understands what motivates people and is in tune with their likes and dislikes. 

Chris’s digital marketing expertise grew from trying to hack ways to drive traffic to his own online stores – he quickly recognised the power of leveraging the many advertising tools in the major social media platforms. He now enjoys using that knowledge and the skills he has acquired to help clients gain visibility and traction within their specific marketplace.

Chris stays up to date with the ever changing landscape of social media and search engine technology to keep his clients current and ahead of the curve.

He stands by his motto that ‘success is rarely accidental.’

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