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How We’ll Get You More Enquiries

Our service is based on identifying who your ideal customers are, then creating your sales funnel – a campaign optimised to encourage the customer to contact you directly and quickly.

Low-Risk, Low-Cost + Leads Within Days

Let us prove that our solution will work for your business. Here’s how…

1. First, we hold a free initial consultation with you, to identify who your ideal customers are, and how we’ll reach them.

2. Then we create your campaign, and run a low-cost trial for 7 or more days – from only £147.

3. If we’re both happy with the trial and the enquiries you got, you pay an agreed monthly fee for us to continue creating, monitoring and modifying your campaigns. You can cancel at any time.

Case Studies


Aim: Recruit patients for leading plastic surgeon

We used Facebook primarily, as the ideal customers are fairly specific demographically. We created intro and testimonial videos that were also used in the campaigns to gain the all-important trust we needed.

Average daily ad spend (6 month campaign): £30

Number of Facebook leads: 516

Number of site page views: 10,500

Number of applicants: 250 (1-2 / day)

Ad spend cost per applicant: £20

Aim: Get customers for speech training course

Facebook is used to target potential students globally, by their employment or education; Google campaigns are shown to people searching by relevant keywords.

Average daily ad spend (6 months): £3

Number of Facebook leads: 261

Number of site page views: 35,000

Number of registrants: 260 (1-2 / day)

Ad spend cost per registrant: £2

Client Testimonials

“Mark created my English pronunciation course website and the marketing strategy from scratch. He explained everything clearly and runs the whole project for me; his expertise and professionalism make him a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!”

Glen McCready

Actor, Voice Coach,

“The CreationMarketer team led by Mark partnered with me to build our training video website, and devised a marketing plan to reach surgeons and nurses globally. Working with Mark took all of the stress and hassle out of the project – he’s a patient, honest professional.”

Peter Cranstone


Recent Clients

A HR provider for UK SMEs – we supplied a new landing page, logo and branding, video production, and Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, including our Facebook Monitor service – posts by people in our client’s target market are monitored, and our ads are presented when relevant subjects are discussed.

FACEmed is a rare combination of dental, surgical, medical and aesthetic treatment under one roof. Our current solution attract new patients to their Invisalign clear braces service, with Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, a new landing page and a unique phone number.

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